Conquering COVID-19 Together

Our Purpose

To conquer COVID-19 with clinical pharmacology, innovation, and collaboration.

Clinical Pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacology

While we need effective treatments as fast as possible, we have to get the right drug at the right dose to the right patients, while adhering to the scientific method.

To accomplish this, deep integration of clinical and quantitative pharmacology principles is key. Clinical pharmacology encompasses every aspect of the relationship between drugs and humans. Quantitative pharmacology is a multi-disciplinary approach that continuously integrates the relationships among diseases, drug characteristics, and individual variability across studies and drug development phases for scientifically-based decision making.

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We have to think beyond borders and traditional drug development. ​To accelerate therapeutics to patients, we must:

  • Rapidly triage potential COVID-19 therapeutics to hone in on the ones with the highest potential
  • Apply novel clinical trial designs and use real world evidence
  • Gather, assess, analyze, and incorporate emerging information
  • Use computational methods such as in silico modeling and simulation

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COVID-19 Innovation
COVID-19 Collaboration

Multi-sectoral collaboration and transparency are critical for speed, safety, and efficacy. Scientists, clinicians, public health officials, and policy makers need to work together to share and understand data, coordinate R&D efforts, remove bottlenecks, and scale up responses to address this global pandemic.​ We invite companies, academic institutions, healthcare organizations, governments, nonprofits, and others to join us to address this pandemic on a worldwide scale.

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Collaborators bring their knowledge, expertise, insights, and resources with a single-minded passion to conquer COVID-19.

Traditional drug development will not meet the urgent needs for therapeutics for COVID-19. We have to be smarter and deeply integrate quantitative approaches to help us design more efficient trial platforms, rapidly gain insights from emerging data, and assimilate information from real world practice. This has to be done now!
Dr. Craig Rayner
Dr. Craig Rayner
Certara Distinguished Scientist