Outcomes Database

The complete COVID-19 Clinical Outcomes Database currently contains summary level endpoint data from 68 studies reported in 56 references. The database will be updated as COVID study results become available.

To date, the 5 most commonly reported efficacy and biomarker endpoints are death (59 studies), critical disease (38 studies), hospitalization discharge (32 studies), hospitalization (30 studies), and CRP (28 studies).

The Database includes

  • All studies (n>10 patients) that evaluate specific treatment options to improve disease outcome
    • RCTs, non-randomized controlled, uncontrolled, and retrospective cohorts
    • Anti-malarial, anti-viral, anti IL-6, etc.
    • All patient characteristics, viral load, biomarkers, efficacy, and safety
  • Studies (cohorts>100 patients) that evaluate patient characteristics stratified by outcome (independent of treatment)
    • Death/no death, progression to severe disease/not, hospitalization/not
    • Understand impact of disease and patient characteristics on relative outcome risk
    • Can be applied to adjust for impact of patient population differences for meta-analysis of treatment comparisons
  • Studies (n>10 patients) that report the time course of viral load, vital signs, and biomarkers
    • Disease model to facilitate understanding of when and how to treat during course of disease
    • Characterize longitudinal relationship among viral load, biomarkers, vital signs and outcomes
  • Certara’s CODEx platform provides online access, filtering and graphical and tabular summarization of data across studies
    • Augmentation of database with standardization of endpoint units, clinical terms, and statistical calculations (i.e. odds-ratios, risk-ratios, mean differences etc.)
    • “Automated” pair-wise meta-analysis

To gain access to the COVID-19 Clinical Outcomes Database, please register below. At this time, the database is available to scientists and researchers at academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and biopharmaceutical companies. There is a nominal fee of $500 for 6 months of access to the database, to cover cost of supporting users on the platform. The database is funded by the COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator.

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Preview of COVID-19 Clinical Outcomes Database

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  • Amount of Information for Each Coviariate

  • Overview of Endpoint Data Across Studies Over Time

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