Commentary on CTS: Time for the global pharmacology community to step up

In this commentary in Clinical and Translational Science, the authors urge the global translational and quantitative pharmacology community to come together and contribute our tools and know-how to fight COVID-19 and prepare for future pandemics.

Many clinical studies for COVID-19 are underpowered, redundant, and not likely to be pooled for analysis.  We are wasting valuable resources.  We should be channeling these resources to efforts that have a higher likelihood of providing additional, new information in identifying the right drugs and combination therapies as well as vaccines to fight COVID-19.

“Our toolbox allows developing smarter trial designs, including approaches such as umbrella designs, incorporating dose regimen diversity; PK/PD evaluations, even in real-time, leveraging biosimulation to optimize dose regimens that may not have been formally studied, and applying model-based meta-analysis approaches to explore the impact of dose on efficacy from across multiple dose arms and trials.”


Title: Time to step up: A call to action for the clinical and quantitative pharmacology community to accelerate therapeutics for COVID-19

Authors: Dan Hartman MD, Steven Kern PhD, Fran Brown PhD, Suzanne K. Minton PhD, and Craig R. Rayner PharmD

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