Clinical trials of disease stages in COVID 19: complicated and often misinterpreted

This commentary in Lancet discusses the need to understand the various disease states of COVID-19  when interpreting trial results. The majority of  clinical trials involve patients who have been admitted to hospital. The findings from these trials cannot simply be translated to other disease states.

Broadly, COVID-19 clinical trials target at least five stages of the disease process:

  • pre-exposure prophylaxis
  • post-exposure prophylaxis
  • outpatient treatment
  • hospital admission, and
  • late-stage critical care (admission to an intensive care unit).
  • More clinical stages for COVID-19 arguably exist if looking at subgroup manifestations of COVID-19. Despite the overwhelmingly large number of trials being done for COVID-19, it is important to note that the majority of these trials (1134 [61·6%] of 1840) involve patients who have been admitted to hospital.

Read the full commentary here:


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